Cyrus Offers Faith & Family Advice To Troubled Peers

Teenager MILEY CYRUS has served up some wise words to her troubled peers – family and faith are more important than partying.

In an expose as part of U.S. TV presenter Barbara Walters’ annual Oscars night celebrity special, the 15-year-old singer/actress insists she has her life worked out, so she can avoid the pitfalls of stars like fellow former Disney divas Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

Cyrus insists many young stars turn to drugs and drink because they’re trusting the wrong people and losing touch with God.

She explains, “Some people don’t have a family to fall back on, like I have, and that’s when something greater than even that comes in – and that’s faith and that’s what I have for me. That’s what keeps me strong.

“I think a lot of these people do have Christian families but they’re not seeing that they’re so much greater than the materialistic things right now – like parties.

“The people that you wanna hold onto are the people that tell you the truth – and that’s your family (even though) they can be a bit harsh.”



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