Krasinki Wants A Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise

THE OFFICE star JOHN KRASINSKI is bidding to add businessman to his resume – he
wants to open a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise.

Since moving to Los Angeles to star in the U.S. version of the British sitcom
and launch a movie career, the Massachusetts native is missing the fast-food
chain’s coffee – because the nearest branch is 390 miles (620 kilometres) away
in the California state capital Sacramento.

He reveals, “It’s my dream to open an Dunkin’ Donuts. You can’t beat the
coffee. I Googled it once and the nearest one is in Sacramento. I think we can
do better than that. I’m going to open one.”


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  1. OCallyFaN80 wrote: LMFAO. So random, although hilarious. That’ll be one interesting, yet popular Dunkin Donuts place to go to. I would definetly apply just for John. =P

  2. beesknees wrote: Heh, yeah, that is random! I’m surprised that DD locations are so sparse in California. I have at least 2 in my city alone, and it’s not that big of a city either.

  3. Kristen wrote: Haha, I love him. He should def open a Dunkins, you really can never go wrong with the coffee, thats true.


  4. Alexa wrote: Haha! I never had Dunkin Donuts coffee before, only the donuts and I have to say those were not that good.

  5. pierreplover wrote: I agree that Dunkin Donuts is not the best tasting donuts. Whatever makes him happy…I guess

  6. skalobster11 wrote: I would move to cali just to visit his dunkin donuts everyday…love him!

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