Underwood & Crawford Split?

Former AMERICAN IDOL winner CARRIE UNDERWOOD has reportedly split from her
actor boyfriend CHACE CRAWFORD.

The couple has been dating since last summer (07) but did not go public with
their romance until October (07).

And now U.S. magazine Us Weekly is reporting that the pair has decided to

Underwood’s representative was not available for comment, while Crawford’s
declined making a statement.

Gossip Girls star Crawford was recently forced to deny rumors of a romance
with former ‘N Sync star J.C. Chasez – insisting, “For the record, we’re both
straight. We’re not dating ”


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  1. pierreplover wrote: Where was I when they went public? I thought they were still denying it…oh well. It’s over anyways.

  2. xtremequeen wrote: It must be pretty weird when your boyfriend, spends more time with his “straight” guy friend, than you 🙂

  3. MIKAYLA wrote: i think this was bound to happen carrie is a good girl too good for chace he looks feminine i dont like them as a couple i think carrie can get a “real” man one who is attracted to women!!

  4. OCallyFaN80 wrote: Eh, didn’t care much for the couple. But I hate the fact that media assumes that Chace is a homosexual. It’s ridiculous.

  5. dolly wrote: Carrie is a joke- reading Stephen King books, daily horoscopes- then singing How Great Thou Art- Jesus Take the Wheel- saying when she was one of the last people in American Idol, I’ll probably win- Get over yourself- Not everybody likes your fakeness. Get real- learn how to not whine when you sing- take lessons from Martina or Faith- the real pros- your fame will be over in a couple of years when all the redneck guys fall for another cute thing that comes along.

  6. Josh wrote: Carrie can’t seem to keep a boyfriend- has one a few months then they find out what she is really like. Carrie girl- learn to SMILE- it won’t break your face- hey you might get another guy- guys don’t know girls that think you are lucky just for you to look at me. Ha

  7. Kristen wrote: The whole Chace is gay thing is annoying.

    It’s too bad the whole Chace/Carrie split, they were cute. Seemed like they were getting serious, all the stories of spending every holdiays together with each others families.

  8. Alexa wrote: I hadn’t heard any rumors about him with JC and I remember finding out about Carrie and him not even too long ago