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Clooney Happy To Be Lusted After

Clooney Happy To Be Lusted After


Actor GEORGE CLOONEY never tires of his sex symbol status – because he accepts
he won’t always be admired for his good looks.

The Leatherheads star insists he didn’t appreciate compliments about his
appearance in his younger years, fearing the praise implied he had a handsome
face, but an unintelligent mind.

But at 46 years old, Clooney now revels in his fans’ admiration.

He says, “Well, you know, people have been nice to me most of my life. I
mean, fairly kind. But there was a time when compliments about your appearance
were used to make it sound as though you weren’t bright, in some way – so much
so that you almost wanted to avoid them.

“But you get to an age when you’ll take any compliments you can get – you
know, ‘Yeah, thanks’ – so when people are trying to be nice, I’m never


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  1. samanthapayntr wrote: why would anyone get tired of people saying how hot you are??? when he gets old he’s gonna miss all the compliments, at least he appreciates it now!


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