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Underwood’s Body Issues

Underwood’s Body Issues


Country star CARRIE UNDERWOOD is so paranoid about gaining weight, she keeps a strict food diary in a bid to keep herself slim.

The singer admits that her obsession borders on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
(OCD) – which sees sufferers indulge in irrational, compulsive behavior.

Underwood often thinks of herself as ugly and refuses to leave the house without make-up. And she admits to following strict guidelines when it comes to her diet to make her feel better about herself.

She tells U.S. InStyle magazine, “I think about what I look like probably more than I should. But I think everybody is her own worst critic.

“Some days I step out of the shower, put my lotion on, and I’ll be like ‘Ugh, ew, ew.’

“If I put on five pounds, it’s noticed immediately. I’m OCD like that. I count calories, fat and fiber – which is important in making you feel fuller faster – and protein, especially when I’m working out.”


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  1. xtremequeen wrote: Whatever works I guess. I don’t understand being so obsessed over it though. You only live once, so enjoy some goodies.

  2. dave wrote: The writer of this doesnt have a clue about Carrie Underwood. She is probably one of the healthiest people alive. If everyone followed her guide lines America as a whole would be much healthier

  3. Carriefaninms wrote: LOL Carrie is very healthy. Cant people find some thing better to write about. One little comment is made and it gets totally blown out of proportion


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