Curtis Defends Cyrus’ Photoshoot Scandal

Actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS has come out in defense of MILEY CYRUS insisting the teen star should have been better “protected” during her controversial photoshoot with U.S. magazine Vanity Fair.

The magazine shoot – which featured the 15-year-old wearing nothing but a blanket – has sparked outrage across America, prompting an “embarrassed” Cyrus to issue an apology, claiming that she was manipulated into posing for the pictures.

And Curtis sympathizes with the Hannah Montana actress – as she too was caught up in a topless photo scandal earlier this year (08).

The Halloween star appeared on the cover of AARP magazine wearing a strapless dress, but Curtis was shocked when she saw the end shot had been digitally altered to make her look semi-naked.

And she insists that if a mature woman like her can be manipulated by a magazine, more protection should be in place to look after vulnerable young stars.

She tells, “I too was a little embarrassed by my recent topless ‘scandal’ and the subsequent parodies.

“But I am an adult. I protected myself during the shoot and I can take the heat. I only wish that her guardians had protected her.

“She is a young girl. She shouldn’t have to deal with any of this. I know the integrity of Ms. Leibovitz and the magazine and I know there were people present at the shoot that should have been looking out to make sure that this didn’t happen.”



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