Knightley Dumbfounded By Forbes Magazine Estimate

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY has laughed off a magazine report alleging she was the second highest-paid Hollywood actress in 2007.

The star’s fortunes were dissected by editors at American publication Forbes, who placed her second to Cameron Diaz in a poll of the highest earning actresses of last year (07).

The article claimed Knightley raked in $32 million (#17.3 million) in 2007 from her role in box office hits Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and romantic drama Atonement, as well as advertising endorsements for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume.

Diaz reportedly earned $50 million (#27 million) in 2007 for her roles in Shrek 3 and What Happens in Vegas.

Knightley was the only British star to make the Forbes top 10 – but she insists the magazine’s figures are inaccurate.

She says, “According to Forbes magazine, I earned $32 million last year.
Unfortunately, no (it’s not true).”

However, when asked for the real figure, the actress refused to answer, curtly replying: “F**k off.”


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  1. Taminar wrote: I don’t know where Forbes get their figures, but probably from industry reports that speculate on the value of the star’s various deals. Of course, if she earned $31.5 million she could still say, “Oh no, I didn’t earn $32 million.” She’s probably also paying 10% or more to her agent and her manager, as well as paying other personal support staff. So her net income is probably far less than the total of her contracts.

  2. Kristen wrote: ^I dont know either. There was this one where it had random people having really high earnings.. I can;t remember who but I know that Jennifer Aniston was pretty low and I Was like .. wth, she’s a big star? Lol

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