Dakota Fanning Takes a Shine to ‘New Moon’

It’s official: Dakota Fanning is sinking her teeth into New Moon.

Nearly two months after it leaked out that the actress was in negotiations to star in Twilight’s would-be blockbuster sequel comes word that Fanning will indeed take on the role of the vampiric Jane in the next installment of the Stephenie Meyer franchise.

The deceptively angelic-looking and of course immortal Jane, a member of the ancient Italian clan of vampires known as the Volturi, enters the frame when Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and his broody, squeal-inducing coif make their way over to Italy in the wake of…well, what can only be described as a spoiler alert.

Back in January, Fanning told E! News that she is a “big fan” of the series. And, it seems, of now costar Kristen Stewart.

In addition to New Moon, Fanning and Stewart will team up on the The Runaways, a drama following the all-girl punk band of the same name. Stewart plays Joan Jett in the film, while Fanning plays lead singer Cherie Currie. That film shoots in late spring.

In the meantime, the Chris Weitz-directed New Moon begins filming this month. It has a release date of Nov. 20.


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