Joe Jonas Jealous of Ashley Greene’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ Co-Star?

Reports are surfacing that Joe Jonas is jealous of girlfriend Ashley Greene’s intimate scenes with Jackson Rathbone on the set of the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

A production assistant on the film spill some details saying, “Joe isn’t happy with Jackson kissing Ashley. He knows it’s a film, but these scenes are really hot and heavy. And, Joe is more of a singer than an actor, so this is all new to him.”

The source continued to say, “Joe is very possessive of Ashley—letting everyone know that she belongs to him—especially [when it comes to] Jackson.”

Sounds like there is some drama on Twilight finale set. With Joe’s protectiveness over Ashley, do you think their relationship will survive Ashley’s budding acting career? Surely she’ll be having more intimate scenes with co-stars in future films than with Jackson in Breaking Dawn. Let us know your thoughts below.


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  1. Not saying she doesnt genuinely like and care for him… but I think the kid fell hard and fast for Ash… and she has just been indulging him. :-/