Kate Middleton’s Influence On Public Already Apparent

Just two days after the big announcement that she, Kate Middleton, will wed Prince William, the world is already seeing the power she has on all us ‘commoners’.

Remember that gorgeous blue Issa London dress the princess-to-be wore to meet the press this past Tuesday? It’s become an endangered species in the world of fashion in the past 48 hours, as people everywhere are blowing hundreds to wear what the soon-to-be-royal is donning.

As a matter of fact, department store Harvey Nichols’ buying director Averyl Oates told Vogue U.K. that the long-sleeve frock, which costs around $620, had “sold out at [the department store] within hours of the images going live.”

Surprised? Don’t be. The royal family once saw their fashion of one of their own influence the world once before. Who would that be, you ask? None other than Princess Dianna herself.