Hugh Hefner’s Fiance Talks: The Ring, The Wedding And More

While fans of Playboy are still trying to accept the fact that creator and playboy himself Hugh Hefner proposed marriage to girlfriend Crystal Harris on Christmas Eve, she’s speaking out on details about the ring, the future wedding, and even plans for a family!

So just when, where, and how did the engagement go down? 24-year-old aspiring singer Harris says it happened while they were opening presents at the Mansion. The ring was in a Little Mermaid music box, and Hef wound it up and had her open it. He didn’t say, “Will you marry me?” Instead, he said, “I hope it fits.” And, as a little added FYI, Harris admits that the ring didn’t and had to be resized just a bit.

Harris also admits that she knew it was coming due to a conversation the two had earlier in the year about the marriage. As a matter of fact, she even designed the ring with Hef’s longtime secretary Mary O’Connor! “I picked out the diamond with Mary,” Crystal said. “It all happened so fast and we’re happy. Nothing’s changed. Everything is the same.” Final design? A round diamond a little over three karats on a platinum setting with diamonds that go around the whole band.

Harris goes on to say the two are hoping for a summer wedding that’s small and intimate with “close friends and family.” Crystal wants to design her own dress. And, yes, the big day will take place at the Mansion.

And as for that question donning on fans minds: will the two make little Hef babies? Crystal says they have no plans to start a family. “I’ve never really been the wanting children type,” Crystal said. “I just have a bunch of different projects I’m working on and that’s fun for me so that’s what I’m going to do.”

And what’s up with that much-needed pre-nup? “Whatever Hef wants me to do,” Crystal said. “I’m happy. I have the singing thing going for me and other things so whatever he wants. I don’t know anything about that stuff. I don’t care. Whatever.”

In other words, a gorgeous ring, of course soon to be followed by a gorgeous wedding; no little Hef’s on the minds of the duo for a while, and a possible pre-nup [which we’re all pretty sure will happen]!


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