How Celebrities Get Thin Fast

With it being a brand new year, the resolution of many will be to slim down for summer 2011. Wonder how you can get started? The latest issue of Us Weekly talks to some of your favorite stars that have shed the pounds. From Ali Fedotowsky to Jennifer Hudson to Kendra Wilkinson – they all have banging bodies now – but how’d they do it?

Cohabitating with Bachelorette beau Roberto Martinez caused the 5’7″ reality star to pack on the pounds. Determined to slim down, Fedotowsky began eating five daily mini-meals and prepping for a half marathon with Martinez. “I’ve lost 10 pounds in the past two months,” the now size-4 star tells Us.

Though she dropped nearly 60 pounds and five sizes as a Weight Watchers spokeswoman in May, the Oscar-winner’s fitness journey was far from over. Hudson shed another 20 pounds by tracking the calories, fat and fiber in her food. “I’m so passionate about it,” Hudson tells Us of the plan.

Dieting after giving birth in December 2009 wasn’t easy for the reality star. “I was ordering Greek salads just to eat the feta cheese,” Wilkinson tells Us. “You can’t get a salad just to eat the bacon!” To lose the 40 pounds she gained while pregnant, Wilkinson switched up her meals and now weighs 123 pounds.

More can be found in the new issue of Us Weekly as well as on their site.


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  1. This is appropriate to post on New Years Eve. Happy New Years Emma! Its hard to take celebrity dieting seriously being they can afford to hire personal trainers and diet coaches and God knows what else. As an average American who can’t afford any of that. Its just hard to relate too.

  2. Yeah you’re completely right. Celebrities set unrealistic goals for perfection because they can devote several hours a day to working out with their personal trainer and they have their meals prepared by cooks. I will say that the NutriSystem set up is pretty good. Some of the food is pretty bad but some is actually really good. I know that they were have supposed to have updated some of the food as well so perhaps it’s all a little bit better now. I think a month of that food is between 250 and 300? It’s not too much I don’t believe.