Was Taylor Swift Jake Gyllenhaal’s Rebound Relationship?


It wasn’t exactly a shocker when news broke that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift ended their relatively short relationship; but was Swift Jake’s rebound from Reese Witherspoon?

Sources close to Gyllenhaal are saying it’s definitely a thought. And besides, the ‘swift’ relationship happened at a very good time for each of them: Jake had a movie to sell (Love and Other Drugs) and Taylor had an album to promote.

And then there’s Reese [Witherspoon], who’s still very much a thorn in Gyllenhaal’s side, says sources. “[Jake] was really caught off guard and taken aback by how Reese ended it. Honestly, he’s still reeling from that.”

The same source[s] also say if Taylor would have taken a second to snap out of the admiration of Jake’s movie-man status, she would have seen the ghost of crafty Reese. Whatever the case, they agree that Jake’s choice to end the relationship [with Taylor], was a smart one:

“Let’s just say Jake was surprised by all the attention [he found with Taylor], and the last thing he wanted was another public, surprise breakup. Taylor’s young, you just don’t know what could have happened. He needed to contain it, before it went any further. He’s just not in that relationship space right now.”

Whatever the case, we’ll be sure to hear about it in some form in the future on one of Taylor’s upcoming albums!

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