Being Human’s Meaghan Rath Talks Dating in Men’s Health

Being Human star Meaghan Rath shares her need-to-know dating tips in the May issue of Men’s Health, and we have a sneak peek for you!

Rath revealed that when it comes to first meetings, she’s a big fan of people watching. “I’m a big fan of people watching, so it’s a nice way to have the conversation feel unforced. You can just look at other people in the room and make jokes.”

Rath also explained that it is nice when the person she’s dating is interested in her day, “I don’t like feeling that I have to volunteer my entire day, because that just seems like I’m unloading on him. It’s nice when a man is interested and asks, ‘How was your interview?’ and ‘What were the questions like?”

And when it comes to rough patches, Rath offered up some good advice – don’t start off with an aggressive attitude. “If you start in an aggressive way about something that’s bothering you, I don’t know what kind of response you think you’ll get.” Rath answered.

For more of Meaghan Rath’s interview check out the May issue of Men’s Health!


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