Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Review

It’s now been 20 years since Final Fantasy IV was first released, and now you get a chance to play it again on the PSP. Along with Final Fantasy IV comes Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, a sequel that is set more than a decade after the events of Final Fantasy IV (of the original version). Both games have high definition graphic updates as well as beautiful CGI movie intros that really set the mood for each title. I’ve actually found myself watching these intro’s more than a couple of times. Also within the collection is a game mode called Final Fantasy -Interlude- that binds the two games together.

The story for Final Fantasy IV is straight up fantastic and presented very well. It caught my attention almost instantly and has easily given me the motivation to keep progressing forward in the story. Part of that reason is also the characters. They are very likable as you come to meet them, especially the main character Cecil. There is no slow start to this story either and almost always something of interest happens as you progress. Therefore, it has a very well told story that progresses very nicely.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is a great compliment to FFIV. In the same way the story of FFIV did, The After Years gets you very interested very quickly. Seeing old characters again and learning about the new characters is great. This makes FFIV: The Complete Collection all the more worth it.

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