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Pyramids Review: Collecting Treasure

Pyramids Review: Collecting Treasure


Ever wish Solomon’s Key got a modern updated reboot? Pyramids for the Nintendo eShop is pretty much that, a game that takes a lot of the fun and challenging concepts of Solomon’s Key and uses them to its advantage. The game boils down to a puzzle game with the ability to build and destroy blocks in your way.

The main concept of the game is finishing the level with all treasures without dying. To help do this, you are given the ability to build blocks and destroy them on a whim. Have a snake coming at you? Just build a block in front of it and go over it. In harder levels, it helps to use your gun and picked up ammo to shoot and get rid of more annoying enemies. You only have one health bar, so be sure to avoid getting hit or it is all over. This concept of building and destroying blocks is pretty good one and works well for itself.

While completing the levels, you are awarded up to three stars. The first star is just for finishing the level with the other two stars for collecting all treasures and beating the level within a certain time frame. You are not required to get a minimum star amount per level, however later areas do require a certain amount of stars to unlock the final levels. Some levels can become hard to reach three stars, but with some patience it isn’t impossible to get everything in the game.

Since the game’s main concept is dealing with Pyramids, expect the game levels to have a desert look to it. The game has a pretty simple 2D look to it. Sadly, there is not much of a 3D effect with this game. Sound quality is of good quality with some spooky pyramid music for background. The background music is also enjoyable and won’t get on your nerve while playing.

The game has the ability to store up to nine scanned QR levels, similar to Pushmo. While you cannot create official levels with no editor in-game editor to be found, you can still scan from a few dozen QR levels from the developer. These QR levels can be very challenging and creative to complete.

If you are interested in puzzle action games, you might enjoy this game. It is a fun experience, and is quite cheap compared to other games on the eShop. The ability to scan and complete new levels does extend this game’s replayability. However there are less than 30 puzzle levels to scan and no official way to make more in-game. Expect this puzzle game to last you a few hours with its 50+ main levels and extended QR levels.

Rating: 8/10



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