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Home Entertainment NCAA Football 13: The New College Football Season Is Here
NCAA Football 13: The New College Football Season Is Here

NCAA Football 13: The New College Football Season Is Here


NCAA Football 13: The New College Football Season Is Here

College football is back! The 2012 season has arrived and I recently had the opportunity to play a little bit of NCAA Football 13 to help prepare myself for the new season. Each and every year I love to pick up and play the latest college football game from EA to help capture the coming excitement. I am sure it is the same for a lot of college football fans. What better way to get yourself ready than to sit down and play some NCAA Football? Sure, we all have our other traditions that come with the start of each football season as well, but for me; NCAA Football has always been a key ingredient in helping me get fired up for the new season.

NCAA Football 13 is no different, it provides for great gameplay, great features, and the always enjoyable game modes. It also captures that wonderful college football atmosphere that gets us pumped up every Saturday. This year we have the new Heisman challenge to enjoy which is a ton of fun. I immediately started my Heisman challenge with Doug Flutie, a loveable Boston College quarterback that threw for many yards and many touchdowns. I like the passing game, so challenging his stats was a good way to go. One thing I like about the Heisman challenge is when you beat a specific record held by your Heisman challenge player, the game will display a video clip about that moment in his career. It’s a fantastic feature that has been added to NCAA Football and no matter what team you root for, there is surely a player that will get you excited enough to play as.

Here are a couple of videos from my Heisman challenge with Doug Flutie.

NCAA Football 13 – Heisman Challenge Gameplay Video (Doug Flutie Touchdown Drives)

NCAA Football 13 – Heisman Challenge Gameplay Video (Doug Flutie Attempting A Late Comeback)

We wake up every Saturday morning and turn our TVs on ESPN for some college gameday preparation. The ESPN presentation in NCAA Football 13 continues to bring that authenticity to give you that true college football feeling. Whether you are on a journey with your favorite school or if you decide to take the Heisman challenge, this game offers another year of great college football magic. Cheers to the new season and to and to the return of all the traditions that revolve around the great game of college football. I hope everyone enjoys the latest installment of NCAA Football from EA Sports; it’s a great tradition to have and play as we look forward to each and every Saturday during the college football season.

Who is your college team of choice? Let us all know by leaving a comment below.

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