Crosswords Plus 3DS Review: Four Letter Word for Uninspiring

Crosswords Plus is finally out for the Nintendo 3DS. The game, which is available both as retail and as a digital download off of the 3DS eShop, offers quite a lot of features. Multiple crossword sizes, word search, anagram mode and daily new crossword downloads. But is it worth the purchase for the avid crossword fan?

If you are expecting a challenge out of the crosswords, you might be disappointed. The words and puzzles are somewhat bland and dull. The hints used to help figure out the words in the puzzle are not always helpful. There are a lot of crosswords in the game, so completing every last puzzle will take you a long while. As an added bonus, there is also a fun word search and anagram games inside as well. Each of these two modes has a lot of levels. On top of this is the daily crossword puzzles delivered. Even if the crosswords are not as challenging as you might hope they are, there is plenty here.

In the end, is it worth your purchase? At the price of $30, I have a hard to time recommending it to others. I would recommend finding the game at retail price if it ever goes on sale. The puzzles, although somewhat dull, are a good time waster. If you are still interested in the game, just be sure you know what to expect.

Rating: 7/10


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