Call of Duty: Black Ops 2- The Multiplayer Addiction Is Back

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 brings back the multiplayer addiction that we can’t seem to get enough of! Get ready to play all night long and listen as many people say “This is my last one…” or “I should have been asleep by now,” among many other things. Yes, everyone, the addiction is back and just as fun as ever!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 released this week and I’ve already fallen into my multiplayer addiction that I’ve come to enjoy from the Call of Duty series. All over again, I am experiencing the same enjoyment, intense action, frustrating moments and everything else that I would expect to experience from a Call of Duty multiplayer match. Even though things have changed in certain areas, once you get out on the battlefield, everything begins to feel like normal once again. If you are like me and can’t get enough of the Call of Duty multiplayer action, then what you have here with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is another fine example of great multiplayer action with wonderful small maps for intense close quarters combat.

Build upon the best. That’s what you get with the multiplayer experience. You have a new game In Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 that has once again built on the best multiplayer experience and then improved upon it. It’s not only about that same addictive gameplay that we can’t seem to get enough of, but the multiple customizable options that you can find in the menus to build your own personal profile. This personalization also expands to your player kit. There is the new pick 10 create-a-class option which gives us even more personalization to bring to the battlefield. This is a great addition, fantastic even. I don’t mind giving up a second weapon, a tactical grenade and an explosive grenade so that I can have multiple perks and three attachments for my weapon. These are the options that you will be able to decide on for yourself on what to do and how to play.

I also feel that the pick 10 really changes the battlefield in a new way as well. You are still going to see many different abilities that players will want to use and it all comes down to player preference. I use to love rolling with bouncing betty’s or some type of explosive, but now I would much rather have an additional perk. Plus, I love using my weapon and I also get myself right up in the action, so, having the ability for me to choose three attachments to improve my weapon is a no brainer. Heck, I would roll with 4 attachments if I could, but unfortunately we are limited at three.

Collecting new calling cards and emblems to use during battle is one of those things we love. This has always been a great way to personalize your experience by showing off your hard earned card while taking out an enemy. This improves in this game, at least for the emblems. You can now edit and create your own emblem with un-lockable items. With the new emblem editor you unlock different logos that you can then use to build your own personalized emblem. You can take multiple emblems and edit everything about them from color, size, and placing. This is a great idea because we will see a lot of interesting ideas come from it instead of only being surprised by an emblem when someone gets to a higher ranking a lot faster than what you have done.

I love the new combat record layout that keeps track of all of your stats. Your new career profile is displayed nicely and lists your most important statistical details. However, there is some customization you can do with that as well and this comes from my favorite feature, the theater. As you know, in the theater you will be allowed to edit and save videos and photos. Something I absolutely love and especially when it comes to taking photos from unique angles. So, when it comes to your career profile page, you can use the theater to take a screenshot and place it in your profile, as a profile shot. Obviously, your vast gameplay experience will create for some fun or even funny moments that you will love to take a snapshot of and use in your profile. Anytime I can edit my profile further, it makes me happy. The other addition to your profile is that you can place three calling cards of your choice to show off in your profile showcase. So if you have a few calling cards you are proud of, you can make sure to place them on there.

Now let’s dive back into the gameplay action that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gives us. Does it have good maps? Check! Is it addictive? Check! Is it fun? Heck yeah… err… check! Enough said, yeah? I think so, but I’ll go on.

The gameplay feels just as good and smooth as it always has in prior titles. Now, this doesn’t account for laggy matches that have shown up every now and then, also those moments where you swear you should have gotten your opponent but they somehow got you instead. Still, it feels like Call of Duty and it is, Call of Duty… it’s pretty much a new downloadable content map pack. That’s how it feels in terms of gameplay and control, but there are a lot of noticeable options that make it just as exciting and fresh. For example, I get to drive around a remote control car with a bomb on it to blow up the enemy. How much fun is that? I thought I was getting a break from the driving games, but apparently not, as I was able to drive around a remote control car all over the map until I found an opponent to blow up.

It’s the gadgets. They are great! You have the RC car and a little tiny drone plane that seeks and destroys. Two awesome score-streak options right there and probably the most common you’ll see as they are easier to achieve. But, how awesome would it be, to get one of the higher score streaks such as a swarm of the tiny drone planes (called hunter killers) that will seek out every target. By the way, who liked the dogs from World at War? Well, there is a K9 unit in this game as well. Hopefully one day I’ll get to call in the dogs once again. But there are a ton of great score-streak options for you to choose from and almost every one of them (that I have used) is a lot of fun to achieve. Other fun options are the lightning strike which you can choose three locations for the jet to bomb and also the Hellstorm missile that is remote controlled and has a cluster bomb payload inside that expands the impacted area.

I also like the Dragonfire, which you will see in the video below. And I totally made FanBolt Gaming look good throughout this entire match.

However, once again it’s the maps that make the experience much more fun. There are quite a few to play on and in fact, spending over 10 hours in the online multiplayer, there are still a few maps I have only played a handful of times. This happened with two maps in particular where I remember playing them when I first started, but I had at least 6 hours that went by before I saw those maps again. You always get to choose the options of playing a suggested map, a previous map and a random map. So hopefully it doesn’t take you a long time to play a map again that you like, though I didn’t have a big issue with this and a big reason why, is because no matter what map you play it’s always fun. These are some of the best maps I’ve seen at launch before adding addition map packs. I already have multiple favorites and love the rest and there isn’t one that I can think of at the moment that I don’t like at all. So that’s a great sign!

There are maps where you are on an aircraft carrier, a boat, running around a local club, at a train station… all close quarters and each one an absolute blast to play. There are so many fun sections on each one of those maps to battle it out that they will quickly become favorites for a lot of people. I love the multiple layers that you come across and the different ways of accessing areas, which can make the game even more wide open in such a small area. That will go into my experience…

When it comes to multiplayer, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, is the first shooter I’ve struggled with as much as I have. I still put on a lot of good rounds, but I also find myself having a lot of bad rounds as well. The luck in this game can be very kind at times, but then it can also make your experience frustrating as well. These maps are so small that when your team gets a little too spread out from each other, you will have opponents spawning behind you – this of course speaking from the hardcore team deathmatch.

You never want to sit still for too long unless you know that your back is covered and you almost always want to be running ahead. Even then the game can catch up with you and 20 seconds after the round starts most of your squad will be in the opponents spawn and they will be spawning in your spawn. So, if you get caught in the middle, make sure to turn around and keep an eye out. This was easily something that I had a much bigger problem with, so far, in this game. Almost always, there would be someone coming up from behind when I took things to slow. Teamwork makes it easier, but even then things can get pretty chaotic. This just adds to the fun if you like the fast paced action. If you don’t and try to take it slow, you’ll more than likely get swallowed up. However, if you play a game like capture the flag, then you can set-up shop a little bit more, but still expect an all-out chaotic battle as your opponents will still be pressing hard.

Overall, no matter what game mode you enjoy the most, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, brings forth another great and well-polished multiplayer experience for you to spend countless hours in and enjoy every moment of it. The sounds of the game are amazing as well. I’ve been able to enjoy it with the Tritton Pro+ which is a fantastic headset to go along with the online multiplayer of this game. You’ll hear in clear sound every footstep, gunshot, explosion and more. So not only is the game awesome with how it plays, but also with how it sounds!

Next up – the full game review!


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