Crashmo Review: Master Of Gravity

Nintendo 3DS eShop – $8.99

Around a year ago today, we were introduced to the world of Pushmo. This was a brand new IP from Nintendo that warmed our hearts with this creative puzzle experience. Pushmo was a puzzle game revolving around the simple concept of moving layers of blocks back and forth in order to reach the top and free the stuck lost child. Nintendo could have easily created Pushmo 2 with mainly the same type of gameplay with more levels and called it a day. But instead, Nintendo decided to mix things up and create Crashmo.

Crashmo is similar to Pushmo in a few ways, such as being a puzzle game and similar art style. But where it mixes things up is its gameplay mechanics. Instead of simply pulling and pushing blocks in and out, you strive to get to the top by using gravity. When pulling out a lower block, anything that was once above it will come down a few levels. Using this method, you need to carefully remove and place the correct block pieces to reach your destination. This time around, we are trying to save little birds that flew off scared when our hero, Malo, scared them all away from the park.

Like Pushmo before it, Crashmo has several different mechanics that can be used to help you along the way. Such as the ladder, which we have seen before in Pushmo, that allows you to reach new locations otherwise not possible. More related to this type of gameplay, are the cloud blocks and gravity direction buttons. As you might have guessed, the cloud blocks literally act like clouds and float. Any blocks above it will stay on top of it of course. The gravity direction buttons are usually single direction buttons that point a certain way. If you step onto it, the block will move one unit in that direction. If anything is in it’s way, it will also move those blocks.

The main course will last you 100 interesting levels with a area to create and share your own levels with others. There is no online community within the game. So like Pushmo before it, the game will create QR codes for you to share and scan with your friends across the internet. I recommend a user sharing site for Crashmo for sharing your levels online. You can even upload them from your 3DS internet browser.

In the end, this all makes for a very challenging and long lasting set of levels. If you liked Pushmo, you will certainly enjoy Crashmo. Unless you really dislike puzzle games, you should very much check out this game on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. With the normal levels and the big online community for sharing levels, it will last you a long while.

Review: 9/10