Little Inferno Review: Fun With Fire!

Little Inferno
Platform: Wii U eShop (Reviewed), PC
Publisher: Tomorrow Corporation
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Fire
Price: $14.99

Nintendo’s new home console is upon us, and with it comes a brand new indie game, Little Inferno. Little Inferno is a game from the makers of World of Goo with similar art style and humor. That right there might actually sell you the game if you ever played and enjoyed World of Goo. Fair to say this is a fun little game that lives up to expectations.

The main concept of Little Inferno is to set things on fire to keep warm. Though there’s a little more to it than just that, but for the most part the game exists to set random objects on fire and see how they interact. As it stands, your entire world is freezing, and it’s only getting colder. Lucky for you, you have your Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace to keep you warm. There isn’t much to the story, at least not at first. As you progress through the game, the story will start to become more important, until without you really realizing it, it is front and center.

With your Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace, your main objective is to keep yourself warm. Aimed with your wallet and a product catalog, you are set free to create your own intense combinations. As you spend money to burn brand new products, you will earn even more money to buy even more products to burn. Thus you are always earning more then what you buy, allowing you to work your way up through the more expensive products and purchase new catalogs. What makes this game so addicting and fun is how some items will interact with each other when you burn them. These combinations are required as goals to figure out before you can unlock new catalogs to purchase. This is where the game gets interesting with trying to figure out what fulfills certain combos, such as the “Movie Night Combo.” Some of the products and combinations that you can burn will really surprise you. Some have made me literally laugh out loud while others have made me go “WTF!”.

If you happen to like their previous game, World of Goo, or just like setting things on fire in general, you will like Little Inferno for Wii U on the digital eShop. The main game should take you about 6 hours to complete with a few more if you go for all the goals. It’s a fun little game while it lasts with a story that sucks you in during the course of the game. This interactive story adventure will have you hooked as you try out new combinations to burn.

Rating: 8.5/10