Notion Games Looking to Develop for the Nintendo Wii U with Super Ubi Land

Notion Games, an indie developer, are currently exploring options on becoming a developer for the new Nintendo Wii U. Currently they are known for their quick reflex arcade game, Up Up Ubi, for iOS and are currently developing a 2d platformer to be released sometime next year for the PC & Mac. If all things go as planned, Notion Games will also bring their currently active project, Super Ubi Land, to the Nintendo Wii U eShop as well. Super Ubi Land is a colorful game inspired by the likes of NES and Super Nintendo games such as Super Mario World, Kirby’s Dreamland and Donkey Kong Country.

Recently, Notion Games sent a pitch to Nintendo to develop Super Ubi Land for the Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo replied asking if they would like to be a developer for the Nintendo Wii U and/or Nintendo 3DS. Notion Games are now currently in the process of becoming a certified Nintendo Wii U developer.

Right now, Notion Games are looking into different options on raising money for purchasing a Wii U development kit. Currently they are throwing a fundraiser on their website to help earn money for the dev kit. They have different donation tiers up currently based upon how much you donate. This includes a digital download of Super Ubi Land for the PC starting at $10. Notion Games are also considering doing a kickstarter for funding near the end of January as well.

Notion Games marks another indie development team being interested in making games for the digital side on the Wii U eShop. Nintendo has come a long way from their stigma with their online with the Wii digital shop with many improvements their their online focus with the Wii U. For example, developers are now able to set their own prices and add sales whenever they want to. Beforehand developers had no choice in the matter. Another area that is especially important to not only indie developers but all, is the fact that patches for Wii U games are relatively cheap to free. For example, it currently costs around $10,000 for a developer to submit one patch request for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation. Indie developers also can self-publish to the Wii U without a big time publisher, allowing for better investments in the system. Of course it also helps that the eShop main page has so far greatly advertised the current selection of indie games. So be sure to keep an eye out for games coming to the Wii U eShop, as great indie developers like Notion Games and others will end up making it a selection of great games.

Early Gameplay Footage of Super Ubi Land


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