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Home Entertainment Big Sky Infinity Review: A Very Unique Shooter with Addictive Gameplay
Big Sky Infinity Review: A Very Unique Shooter with Addictive Gameplay

Big Sky Infinity Review: A Very Unique Shooter with Addictive Gameplay


Big Sky Infinity Review: A Very Unique Shooter with Addictive Gameplay

Big Sky Infinity
Platform: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita (PlayStation Network)
Genre: Shooter

Big Sky Infinity is a side scrolling shooter with a unique gameplay style and many difficult obstacles to learn and avoid as you make your way through this game. It’s available on the PlayStation 3 and Vita, though, if you buy the PlayStation 3 version, you will get the Vita version for free. Is this a game that should be looked into? – Absolutely. Now, those who will like this game the most are the ones who enjoy shooters and like high score runs while playing the game over and over again. It does feature many modes to play which vary in difficulty and include boss rush and marathon to name a few. It has plenty of game modes, plenty of replay value and is a whole lot of fun to chase the many different online leaderboards.

Big Sky Infinity is certainly interesting for a shooter of this type. It makes you level up and increase your abilities. Without these abilities, you don’t stand much of a chance of getting too far on the online leaderboards. So, with that, you’ll be playing this game for hours and hours to gain points to level up your abilities. As you level up, you’ll start having better scores and begin to understand the game a lot more. There is one section of the game in particular where everything will speed up and I almost die instantly every time when dealing with it. I would also get hit without seeing where the shot came from and that would annoy me a bit. But, once you have a better equipped ship, things begin to get a lot easier and you are able to perform a lot better. It took me awhile to understand this game, but once I did, I got addicted and began having a lot of fun. This game needs patience to learn everything it throws at you, but once you do, you’ll begin to play a lot better.

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Another interesting thing about this game is that each round is completely random. You’ll have a new experience every time you play. This can make some rounds a little bit easier than some and other rounds a lot more difficult than what you may want to begin with. But even after a couple hundred games at least, I have experienced something completely new that I haven’t seen in previous times playing the game. Meaning, the more you play, the more unique situations you’ll come across and also the better you will get – which will lead to covering more ground. The experience is quite different and absolutely addictive once you start to learn a bit more about what the game is throwing at you. There are still sections that go completely crazy on me and I probably still don’t know how to handle them the best, but this is something that is fun to learn.

My initial impressions of Big Sky Infinity were not great at all. I imagine a lot of people may feel the same way once they dive into it. But trust me on this, you need to give it some time and upgrade your ship so that you are better equipped for what comes your way. You can also buy starbits for a dollar on the PlayStation Network store; it may actually be worth it for some to spend a couple of dollars to give you a bit of a boost, otherwise you’ll probably have an hour of time go by before you have some decent upgrades to run with. However, in that time you’ll still learn more about the game. One quick note I would also like to make is that the first thing you must do when starting the game (not should do, must do)… is turn off the narrator in the options. He comes across as loud and annoying and even if he did have something important to say, it’s not worth listening to.

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Big Sky Infinity quickly became an addiction for me and one that I couldn’t stop playing. I’ve played hours and hours on this game and I’m not even close to maxing out all of my abilities. It will take you a long time to do so and it will be fun every step of the way. I’ve also played it a lot on both the PlayStation 3 and Vita; both are great and it does work really well on the Vita and is a nice title to have on the go with you as you can quickly play a game or two when you have a free moment. I wish I was able to keep the same ship to use on both the PS3 and Vita, but at least it scores the leaderboards the same. If I get a high score on the Vita, it will show my high score on the PlayStation 3.

Big Sky Infinity may not be for everyone, but for those who want to give it a chance, shooter fans especially, you may find yourself addicted to it. It’s a very unique shooter with addictive gameplay, colorful visuals and a wonderful soundtrack to go along with it. Plus, the cross-buy feature makes it even more worth the purchase.

Score: 8/10

Andrew Stevens Andrew Stevens is a Guest Editor at FanBolt for Gaming and Technology. He has over 8 years of experience working within the gaming industry which includes time at Bethesda Softworks. His unique view of the industry and passion for gaming can be found within each one of his editorials. Andrew also loves PC gaming and enjoys tinkering with new hardware. He also can’t get enough speed when it comes to racing games and doesn’t mind navigating through swarms of bullets in any shmup. He considers Rez as the greatest game ever. Andrew's opinions are his own and do not reflect the opinions of his place of employment.


  1. It’s addictive, especially once you start increasing your abilities! I still have trouble putting it down once I start. 🙂


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