NHL 13: A Joyful Return To Hockey

NHL 13: A Joyful Return to Hockey

NHL 13 came out a few months back and I’ve had my copy since near its release, however, I never got around to opening it and that’s partially because of the NHL lockout. Now that the lockout is over and the new season is upon us, I have decided that this is the perfect time for me to open it up and give it a go.

I’m so glad that the lockout is over and the NHL is about to start up again. It was a very disappointing time waiting around for a new deal to be met. It would have been even worse had there been no season at all, but thankfully, we didn’t have to experience that. Now that the season begins this Saturday, I have my schedules printed, NHL GameCenter renewed and I’m ready for all the great action that is only days away. In addition, it also means that I will be playing more and more games of NHL 13. I have that tendency where I need to play a game after watching an actual game, especially if my team loses – I have a need to rectify the loss. Either way, it’s wonderful that I’ll once again be able to fully enjoy the game of hockey by watching the NHL and playing NHL 13.

Those who have been following EA’s NHL series over the last few years will know exactly what to expect. Lately, I haven’t been as hardcore of a player as I have been in the past, but the minute you begin your first game it allows you to play that same style of gameplay you’ve been enjoying over the last few years. I’m not saying the game hasn’t changed as defending in particular feels a lot different this year. Also, the skating is noticeably different as well and both seem to make the experience a lot better. However, what I’m saying is that you’ll still be able to jump in and play the game with no new learning curve at all. I suppose that’s the same with all sports games, well except for maybe this year’s Madden where I had to learn to make better passes… and there’s another interception!

Online Gameplay Video

It’s not just the single player modes that I play and enjoy when it comes to the NHL series, but it’s the online versus mode as well. I can never get enough online competition as it’s so much more enjoyable than single player. Also, so far, NHL 13 seems to handle a lot better online than previous versions have. It’s been smooth skating with my online experience, well, except for a few bad turnovers that I made because I quickly wanted to start the rush in the opposite direction.

I need to remember that freezing the puck is ok…

I’m happy. The NHL is returning and I can fully enjoy NHL 13 now that the real deal is underway. I’m even happier that NHL 13 allows me to play a strong defensive game online while waiting for my power-play to win it for me. That’s one final note I would like to make about the game. There seems to be more open ice available for you to skate, pass and make plays than ever before. This has helped my power-play tremendously and I’m so thankful for that. Never before have I really been able to set up a strong power-play, however this year I seem to be able to do a much better job at it and I absolutely love it. NHL 13 will give you that same exciting gameplay that you’ve come to expect from the series and now is the perfect time to experience it.

I hope all you hockey fans are able to enjoy the new but brief season. The puck drops in just a few more days and I can’t wait!



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