Strike Suit Zero Review: The Strike Suit Is Worthy of Piloting

Strike Suit Zero Review: The Strike Suit Is Worthy of Piloting

Strike Suit Zero
Born Ready Games
Space Combat

Strike Suit Zero is one of those games that can easily grab my attention. The whole space combat gameplay has always been intriguing to me and I’ve always had a fantastic time with most titles. If the gameplay is good, then I’m a happy pilot.

Strike Suit Zero builds upon a short story that is explained right after the game loads. The storyline is presented mostly by speech and text. It doesn’t offer much in terms of visual representation and it isn’t a storyline that will have you fighting even harder to save the day. However, you’ll still be interested enough to find out what happens next, especially as you reach the end.

The first mission sends you straight into pilot evaluation and of course, right when you complete your flight evaluation process a few enemy ships show up. That’s when all the action begins.

Strike Suit Zero, right from the beginning, doesn’t pull you in with impressive visuals. In fact, nothing about the beginning of this game will overly intrigue you. The first mission is basic and feels familiar to many other space combat games and the visuals do nothing to stimulate the experience. However, the gameplay feels alright and if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy shooting down enemy ships. That was my initial impression and even though the first mission may feel a bit lacking, you’ll still be interested in seeing what the next mission has to offer. At that point the visuals begin to show their true colors and it helps that the second mission displays a very intriguing background to view while in battle. Also, the music begins to set in and your interest starts to dramatically increase.

The first mission gets you started, but it’s the second mission that draws you in.

After experiencing the second mission I quickly began falling in love with this game. Once again, the controls throughout the game and your handling of the ships are very good. This creates for enjoyable space combat gameplay. Plus, the gameplay begins to get even more exciting, especially as you continue on to the third mission and find yourself piloting the Strike Suit. Once you have the Strike Suit and the swarm missiles to launch at multiple enemies, you’ll forget all about the plain visuals that the first mission offered. In fact, you’ll forget about the entire average experience you felt when you first began. You’ll start having a lot of fun fighting in this battle to save Earth and you’ll absolutely love piloting the Strike Suit.

Visually the game explodes after moving past that first mission. You’ll enjoy the visuals of each battlefield, of each shot fired, of every missile launched and of course the explosions of each enemy that stood in your way. I also need to key in on the music though. The music helps build the experience in such a significant way. It makes the battlefield more inspiring and the setting more dramatic. Without the score this game offers, it would have been an entirely different experience.

Strike Suit Zero comes ready for action with 13 missions, most of which last around 15 minutes. I’ve had a few last a lot longer than that and others go shorter in time. The missions can be very enjoyable with a lot of good action gameplay. The mission tasks aren’t anything out of the ordinary, but again, it doesn’t matter too much thanks to the exciting gameplay. Also, with each mission, it’s not always about the Strike Suit. Sometimes you’ll be engaging in battle with another fighter or even a bomber. This does change up the mission experience somewhat, offering a change of pace, but you’ll be happy once you are done with those missions and jump back in the cockpit of the Strike Suit.

Each mission also keeps track of score depending on how many enemies you shoot down. You’ll also get a nice multiplier for your score if you complete your mission quickly enough. This offers decent replay value. Also, with each mission, you’ll be able to attempt an alternative goal in order to unlock an upgrade for your ship. If you don’t complete it the first time, you’ll be able to go back and attempt it once more. With that and online leaderboards to throw your score on, you’ll have decent replayability should you choose. This speaks to me a lot more than some because I have a big time addiction to leaderboards.

I had one mission where I finished #3 on the leaderboards, although, the #1 position still had a far greater score than I did. I will have a fun time going through the missions again to try and close the gap on each score. Yes, the gameplay is that much fun to want to play it again.

Strike Suit Zero presents you with great space combat gameplay and an amazing ship for you to pilot – the Strike Suit. It may not have a story that’s well presented and that can hurt the experience somewhat, especially when one of your missions is to take down an elite and feared military unit yet the player feels no emotion towards that experience. Even though that was not the final showdown, it still felt like it should have been a fight to remember. There was no build up to that mission and it could have been presented so much better, not even the wonderful soundtrack could have helped that experience. It needs to engage those moments and present them to the player in a much better way.

I will note that they did do a very good job at the beginning with pacing the opening experience leading up to discovering the Strike Suit. Once you obtained the Strike Suit, that’s when you first see a large fleet of enemy ships jump in. That moment was done really well and gives you a good idea of the power that the Strike Suit possesses. Also, the ending is worthy as well. That was, of course, the main story throughout the game, tracking down a massive weapon that the enemy planned to use to destroy Earth.

The combat is fun and challenging and you may find yourself restarting from a checkpoint on a few occasions, but it’s not an overly difficult game. I had a fantastic time piloting through this universe and using the Strike Suit to unleash massive damage to enemy fleets.

Strike Suit Zero does come with a few setbacks, but if you enjoy a good space combat game, you’ll absolutely love the gameplay this title offers.

Score: 8.5/10


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