Spiderman Musical: Is There A Problem?

Is Spidey caught in a web he can’t break free from?

Accidents, injuries, faulty set pieces and some very nasty reviews of preview performances has led fans to think so. However, director Julie Taymor is assuring fans that thing are great; in fact, they’re going better than expected!

“I think it is exactly what we expected,” Taymor said. “In fact, better than what we expected. It’s beyond my expectations. But the press?” she continued, “You never expect that.”

Taymor says she never promised perfection: “We have work to do,” she said. “We have work on the book and work on getting it to run smoothly every night. It’s like a circus. There are things that can go wrong and you just have to stop.”

In other words Spidey fans, you’ll soon be watching all the web-blasting action live! The $65 million show—the most expensive show in Broadway history—opens next month.

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