Can Shows Like AMC’s ‘Rubicon’ Affect Your Perspective?

Recently, there was have been numerous stories in the news about suspicious government activity such as the FBI arresting ten covert Russian spies who were seeking nuclear secrets (Few details have been made public about these individuals or what will happen to them – The Washington Post also described how a complex network of private contractors involved in intelligence gathering have effectively formed an unregulated “shadow government” ( These stories, like Rubicon, arises suspicions and makes us question the truth behind the actions.

Does watching shows like Rubicon make you look at situations or these latest topics in the news any differently? Do you wonder if you should take it at face value or if there is additional information that you’re not seeing?

We’ve all heard the stories about how children shouldn’t watch violent movies as they’re more likely to show aggressive behavior. We all know someone who watched Lost and sees the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 in everything they do. And after watching Rubicon, I noticed myself looking at crossword puzzles differently. I didn’t expect to find some hidden message, but instead found myself thinking how cool something like that would be to find.

So here’s my question to you. How does television affect you? Have you found yourself thinking about real life situations differently after watching your favorite show? Has it affected the way you act or they way you imagine things?

AMC’s newest original drama series Rubicon debuts on Sunday, August 1 with a special two-hour premiere from 8–10pm ET.

Find out more about Rubicon by visiting to view exclusive content from the show.



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  1. Well, I’ll be watching Rubicon for the series premiere this Sunday. Most show I watch are reality shows. For instance, I’ve just viewed the series premiere to The Colony tonight. Yes. That show makes me think because even the professionals state on the show that the government has prepared for this lethal virus. Would my friends really fight to my death for the last meal or a drink of water? So yes, the shows I watch (mostly reality), affect my views deeply (or rather, help me discover my opinions on different subjects I usually would not randomly think about).