‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ Season 2: Potential Release Date, Cast, News, and More

The Walking Dead: Dead City

The zombie apocalypse continues for fans of The Walking Dead and its spinoff, The Walking Dead: Dead City. The show was all but guaranteed to be renewed for another installment despite earlier speculation of it being a one-off series. Nevertheless, a new season has been now been confirmed, which means the journey isn’t over for Maggie and Negan.

Here’s what we know so far about The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2. Spoilers ahead for Season 1.

The Walking Dead: Dead City
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The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2 Confirmed

The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2 was confirmed during The Walking Dead panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2023. AMC greenlit the spinoff for a second season ahead of its finale, much to the delight of the fans. For those TWD fans that haven’t done into The Walking Dead: Dead City, the series follows Maggie and Negan navigating a rundown Manhattan to rescue her kidnapped son Hershel.

“This next chapter in the Walking Dead Universe continues to thrive with a terrific inaugural season for Dead City and highly anticipated new journey for fan-favorite character Daryl Dixon coming in September,” said AMC Networks president of entertainment and AMC Studios Dan McDermott. “We can’t wait to bring Dead City fans back to the epicenter of Manhattan for more zip-lining action with Maggie and Negan. And, ahead of its debut, we’re thrilled to double down on Daryl and other iconic locales into an apocalyptic landscape unlike anything we’ve seen before.”

Dead City is one of several spinoffs from the 11-season run of The Walking Dead. It joins the spinoffs of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon and Fear the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Dead City
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Who Will Join/Return to the Cast and Crew in Season 2?

For The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2, Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are guaranteed to return as Maggie and Negan. Also confirmed to be returning for Season 2 is Mahina Napolean as Ginny. Fans can expect Gauis Armstrong and Zeljko Ivanek to also come back for Season 2 as Perlie and The Croat, respectively. Lisa Emery is also set to come back as her character, The Dama, who is being set up to become a major antagonist.

Logan Kim may also return for Season 2 as Hershel.

Cohan and Morgan also serve as the show’s executive producers alongside David Alpert, Brian Bockrath, and Scott M. Gimple. Ian Hultquist may be returning to compose the score as well. Eli Jorne is the series showrunner and executive producer overseen by The Walking Dead Universe chief content officer Scott M. Gimple.

In an interview with Collider in July 2023, Cohan and Morgan talked about their characters’ dynamic with each other.

“Something has happened so that she’s never going to be able to forgive him. They’re never going to be buddies. She needs him. And he needs her, in a way, and yet they can’t quite get there. Playing that is tricky. It’s hard to write it. But it’s super fun to play it,” said Morgan.

“For them, you can see that, if only it weren’t for this thing, they could actually team up and do some pretty good things and achieve things in a really effective way. It’s just really interesting to say, what are we looking at here? In terms of human limitations, like limitations in the way you’ve been impacted by something,” said Cohan.

The Walking Dead: Dead City
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What Happened in Season 1?

The official synopsis of The Walking Dead: Dead City reads:

“Maggie and Negan travel to post-apocalyptic Manhattan – long ago cut off from the mainland. The crumbling city is filled with the dead and denizens who have made it a world full of anarchy, danger, beauty, and terror.”

In the first season of The Walking Dead: Dead City, fans and audiences see Maggie and Negan’s up-and-down relationship once again. Even as he’s reformed, the evil aspects of Negan’s character still somehow can show through. This led to The Dama looking to get him back for her to build her Manhattan Empire. All the while Maggie continues to further understand Negan despite the feeling of mistrust between them.

By the end of the season, while they both got Hershel back, it was in exchange for having Negan turned over to The Dama. Maggie and Hershel escaped. However, Hershel’s ties to The Dama still linger, as does Maggie’s unresolved trauma. Meanwhile, Ginny was also returned to the Bricks and later learned that Negan was responsible for her father’s death.

The Walking Dead: Dead City
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What Can We Expect in The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2?

For The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2, it’s likely that Maggie will be forced to face her demons. All the while, she goes back to rescue Negan and finds out what The Dama is holding over Hershel. Maggie’s constant need for revenge after her husband Glen’s death proves to be an obstacle in her present relationship with Hershel.

Negan also has his checkered path to tread. Because Negan was handed over to the Burazi in the finale, he may also be forced to confront his demons. With the Dama keen on establishing her empire in Manhattan and the Burazi also looking to recreate the fear-driven leadership Negan once did, Negan will be forced to revisit his old habits.

The finale of the first season also sets up a potential civil war among the communities in the rundown city. Negan will play an important role in bringing the communities in New York together under Dama. He also learns of Dama’s plan to bring down the New Babylon Federation.

The Burazis may be on their way to a civil war with New Babylon, with Negan caught in the crossfire.

The Walking Dead: Dead City
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The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2 Release Date Speculation & News

There’s no official release date yet for The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2. However, fans have speculated that because there was an eight-month gap in Season 1, Season 2 might be the same. However, it’s possible that fans may have to wait a little longer due to last year’s WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. The strikes were resolved in September and November last year. So, at this point, a 2025 premiere date seems more realistic. But it’s possible the series could return in late 2024.

The good news is production is set to start in March 2024 in Randolph, Massachusetts, with six episodes, just like season one.

In November 2023, a fan asked Morgan on X (formerly Twitter) about filming for the coming season.

“I’m sure we’ll announce something very soon! Been talking with Lauren and rest of DC crew…we are excited to get back to it,” said Morgan at the time.

Naturally, The Walking Dead: Dead City spinoff will be available to watch on AMC and AMC+. Those subscribed to AMC+ will likely be able to watch new episodes three days earlier than its broadcast on AMC. For now, fans can rewatch the first season on AMC+, as well as the other spinoffs.

Fans can also look forward to yet another TWD spinoff, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. Starring Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira as fan favorites Rick Grimes and Michonne, the series premieres on February 25, 2024.


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