The New Boyz Concert Review: Hip Hop Concert Ushers In New Sensations

One of California’s premiere theme parks, Great America, held what is becoming an annual concert, as five of hip hop’s biggest names took to the stage. The amusement park is known for its roller coasters, not concerts, but every now and then they put on a show. This one featured B.o.B, Travie Mccoy, Kevin Rudolf and The New Boyz. Although B.o.B was dubbed the headliner, all hell broke loose when The New Boyz hit the stage. It was a pandemonium usually reserved for a Jonas Brothers concert.

After Travie McCoy had finished “Billionaire,” it was time for Ben J and Legacy, a.k.a. the 17-year-old New Boyz, to perform. And perform they did. It’s clear that their tongue in cheek debut album “Skinny Jeanz and a Mic,” has had commercial success. The disc has spawned hit singles “Tie Me Down,” and “You’re a Jerk,” among others. But there might be more to the Boyz than a few club bangers.

That became obvious as the crush of girls overwhelmed the underhanded security staff and the barricades in front of the stage came crashing down. A few young ladies had Ben J’s leg in a tight grasp and his bodyguard sprinted over to assist. For the remainder of the performance both band members kept their distance from the front of the stage. After order was restored the Boyz ended their set shirtless. Jay-Z they are not. They do have a unique sound which could be their ticket to the mainstream and bigger venues.

If you’ve driven anywhere in the past month, in a car with a radio you’ve probably heard “Airplanes.” The song is in heavy rotation to the point where it blares incessantly multiple times an hour. B.o.B a.k.a. Bobby Ray doesn’t mind the attention. The rapper has hit it big in the last year with a string of catchy singles. His performance was predictable, but still, there’s something about a rap artist having a live band behind him that makes the show fresh. It seems fans are tired of turntables and a “performance track” spinning the entire set. In this department B.o.B sounds great and it’s actually him rapping live- an anomaly in today’s live performance climate.

B.o.B is talented, no doubt, but so are thirty other rappers that currently have a home on the Billboard Chart. The New Boyz stole the show, plain and simple. That was due in great part to their rabid fans but also their stage presence. Who knew these young kids could have such swagger. It certainly suits Ben J and Legacy though. Soon, the Boyz will be the name on the marquee.


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