Smallville Producers Talk: ‘Clark Will Propose To Lois!’

Executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders sat down recently to talk about all things Smallville that are upon us, including a wedding, returning characters, and Superman!

“In the next three episodes, he [Clark] will have proposed [to Lois],” Peterson says. And with that, fans everywhere are cheering! But will Clark let Lois be a part of his world? And will the wedding itself happen on the series finale? Neither of those two nail-biting questions are being answered, leaving fans in such a love-nest tease!

Souders then proceeds to discuss with us that The VRA [The Vigilante Registration Act], will play a big role in the next two episodes. “When the world puts pressure on her son, Martha Kent is not one to shy away from the challenge,” Souders says.

Aquaman is returning (Alan Ritchson)! The plan is to bring him back stronger and more determined, thanks in part to the encouragement from his new wife, Mera. Peterson goes on to say that will cause “an advancement in Lois and Clark’s relationship out of what they see from Mera and A.C..”

Tess is officially Luthor: “She’s not had red hair for nothing,” Peterson jokes. “There’s a great story there that we start in Episode 10, ‘Luthor’ — which is Kelly’s directorial debut — and then it actually continues throughout the rest of the season.”

There’s even talk of an alternate universe: Lionel Luthor (John Glover) returns in an upcoming episode, which takes place in an alternate universe. Though the series has toyed with alternate universes before, Souders says, “this one certainly has an impact in our real world. Without a doubt you shouldn’t miss the very end of that episode because there’s several great takeaways.” The alternate world wasn’t just created for Smallville, either. “It actually ties into the DC Universe,” Peterson says.

Chloe fans, get ready for a return as well! Souders is saying that Chloe will reemerge early next year and reveal where she’s been all this time. “Certainly the Chloe fans will have a lot to sink their teeth into,” he says

And last but not least, Clark’s identity reveal: Though Clark has a newer super suit, he still walks around the Daily Planet sans glasses. What’s up with that? The producers say they’re inching toward getting Clark behind those hide-all spectacles. “We have shown all the pitfalls of coming out this year between Oliver and Supergirl and the VRA. It’s really put pressure on Clark that when you [come out], you have to do it right, and you only can do it when you’re ready,” Peterson says.

Smallville fans, are you ready for what lyes ahead? Sound off below!

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