What Shows Are Up Or Down In Ratings?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – which means, time to check in on those television ratings [are the holiday shows affecting you favorites?].

What’s Up
Gossip Girl: 2.1 million viewers,
90210 2.1 million estimated.
Fringe: 5.1 million
Chuck: 6.2 million viewers.
The Event: 5.8 million
Chase: 6 million
Glee: 10.4 million.
The Walking Dead: 6 million

What’s Down
Skating With the Stars: estimated 4.8 million viewers.
Terriers: 784,000
Sarah Palin’s Alaska: 2.8 million
Grey’s Anatomy: 11 million
ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas”: 3.1 million

Here were the week’s 10 most-watched (non-football) shows among 18- to 49-year-olds, per the just-released Nielsen Media Research broadcast rankings:

Glee (6 million demo viewers; 11.7 million overall viewers)
The Simpsons (5.5 million demo viewers; 9.5 million overall viewers)
Grey’s Anatomy (5.2 million demo viewers; 11 million overall viewers)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (5.16 million demo viewers; 12.2 million overall viewers)
The Office (4.9 million demo viewers; 7.3 million overall viewers)
Survivor: Nicaragua (4.8 million demo viewers; 12.3 million overall viewers)
Desperate Housewives (4.7 million demo viewers; 11.4 million overall viewers)
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (4.4 million demo viewers; 9 million overall viewers)
The Cleveland Show (4.2 million demo viewers; 7 million overall viewers)
The Amazing Race (4.1 million demo viewers; 10.3 million overall viewers)


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