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Home Music Michael Buble Concert Review: An Unforgettable Show
Michael Buble Concert Review: An Unforgettable Show

Michael Buble Concert Review: An Unforgettable Show


If Michael Buble didn’t have a singing voice he could make it on the stand up tour circuit. No questions asked. The famed throwback made his way into San Jose and joked, crooned and danced through an unforgettable 90 minute set. Although some scoff at Buble as an act for AARP members and label him uncool, he’s the exact opposite. The crowd was subdued, but he was not. From the minute his massive band struck the first notes of the night, all the way through to the last note sung, Buble was everything a performing artist should be.

Donning a perfectly tailored black suit Buble flew through catchy musical numbers that didn’t have the audience fired up enough to climb out of their expensive seats, but they were vocal nonetheless. Among the things uttered by Buble was information that shouldn’t have been divulged about his band members. Those pieces of information elicited huge laughs from the audience and a few blushes from the his band mates.

He didn’t shy away from audience interaction either. He ran through the main aisle and landed on a satellite stage mid arena. This move is becoming very popular among artists but Buble did it an a nonchalant manner. The stage wasn’t there to impress the audience, a la Kanye West, and it wasn’t used to add some flair to his show. It was done to get him closer to them.

There’s no attitude with Buble. He’s confident but he’s also down to earth. He has a rare personalty that draws the audience in without making them feel inferior. He may not think he’s a celebrity yet. Judging by a performance from an audience member hauled on stage, Buble may think his fans deserve more attention than he does.

The night was highlighted by odd moments. What makes this show different than other perfectly choreographed arena tours is the constant interaction between Buble and his fans. On this particular night, all of that interaction was filmed buy Lara Logan and 60 Minutes. The camera crew and Logan made a brief appearance on stage and the massive crowd got a chance to get some face time on national television as the camera panned for an intro to Buble’s interview.

It truly doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of Buble’s music or not. If you walk into the building that has his name on the marquee as a skeptic, you will walk out entertained. You may not go by everything the showman has recorded but he doesn’t disappoint. Buble has landed in the middle of a time that a fledgling music industry needs more artists just like him.


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