Macy’s Glamorama Lends A Helping Hand In San Francisco

A solid line up of celebrities lent a helping hand at The Orpheum Theater in San Francisco for the annual Glamorama event. Macy’s Passport presents this yearly gathering that features live music performances and a fashion show. The fundraiser donated to Project Open Hand, the AIDS Emergency Fund and the Glide Foundation. This year Robin Thicke, Karmin and Megan and Liz took the stage for a good cause along with a number of today’s most popular designers.

The night began with a red carpet which featured local dignitaries mingling with the performing artists. It certainly brought the feel of a Hollywood movie premiere to the Bay Area. After the pre party the show began. It worked so well because there was never a dull moment. The pacing was perfect.

Megan and Liz opened with a quick song that had the audience buzzing. The twins hailing from Michigan performed acoustically and although their time on stage was short they made a big impression. They quickly cleared the stage to make way for a couple of designers to show case their collections.

The show moved quickly, lasting 90 minutes, not one of those was wasted. Karmin took the stage following an entertaining showing from Macy’s designers. The married duo has taken radio airwaves by storm with their catchy pop songs and unique style. They flew through a quick set that got the audience on there for the first time. “Brokenhearted,” and “Hello,” received the biggest ovations. These two are musically talented and likeable. They also have a knack of creating melodies that become stuck in your head instantly. These two are poised to become super stars.

After another fashion show interval the head liner arrived. Robin Thicke took the stage and took over. Thicke is a throwback. He’s musically gifted and has the sound of an R&B singer from years past. The man is a hit maker and thrives in the spot light. This event was held in a beautiful theater, one that’s usually reserved for Broadway plays, so the audience was a bit subdued. But, the screams of women could still be heard over Thicke’s falsetto.

The night ended with Thicke being surrounded by the entire cast of the effort. “Magic,” was the closing number which was fitting. Macy’s put on an event that was for a few good causes and wasn’t bogged down. It was succinct, entertaining and had the audience talking about next year’s installment in the lobby.


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