‘Being Human’ 4.09 Episode Recap and Review: Too Far, Fast-forward!

Well, we’re still in the alley on this week’s Being Human, and Sally is still dead on the pavement. She tries to console Aidan, but he’s just a smidge unreachable at the moment. Bishop shows up and initially refuses to help Aidan with “clean-up,” but he comes around. When Aidan tells Bishop that Sally was killed by a werewolf, the King of Boston rather ominously promises that they’ll “make it right.”

The now dynamic duo go off in search of Josh and Ray. Bishop kind of stays out of it while Aidan kills Ray. He tells Josh to GTFO of Boston and revels in the fact that killing Ray means that Josh will suffer as a werewolf for the rest of his life.

One year later, Aidan is firmly back on Team Bishop and is delivering untainted blood from the hospital. Nora’s helping him screen donors, largely because Aidan is keeping secret the fact that she’s hiding a hardcore Vicodin addiction. There’s a bit of an issue with the next run, though. An overzealous nurse found the untainted blood sitting around and added it to the general supply. Now there’s no way of knowing which bags are pure and which are hiding the vamp virus. Bishop is more than a little angry, and Aidan ends up selling untainted blood out of the back of his car. Stay classy, Aidan.

Meanwhile, somewhere not in Boston, Josh has managed to cobble a bit of a life together. He runs a pie shop and tries to ignore Sally’s numerous attempts to “help” him. She wants Josh to contact Alanna (remember the psychic from so very long ago?) so that she can get in touch with Donna. He refuses at first, but then Sally possesses him and makes the call anyway. Josh is massively unamused. The two remain at odds until a sick vamp stumbles into the shop and attempts to eat Josh. He manages to stake her, but now Josh and Sally are aware of the vamp virus and are worried about Aidan. They head to Boston to check on him and offer some of Josh’s blood as a vaccine.

Now that he’s immune to the virus, Aidan decides that he’s done being Bishop’s underling. He gets his boss blood-drunk on tainted blood, effectively killing him and giving Aidan control over Boston. He sends Josh and Sally away again, much to their disappointment.

After a bit of a heart-to heart with a dying Bishop, Aidan realizes the error of his ways and heads to Life of Pie to talk to Josh and Sally again. He apologizes, but Sally gets pulled out of the room mid-conversation. Evidently Donna has been attempting to summon her for months. Sally tells Donna everything she knows about what’s happened and what’s changed. Donna tells her that there’s a way to reset everything and get Sally back to where she belongs. The caveat is that she won’t go immediately back to 2014. She’ll bungee into the future a bit, then land back home.

Sally and Donna take the proposition back to the boys. They both agree. Aidan makes Sally promise to make him love her again. Donna casts the spell and Sally is propelled into the future. Before she snaps back to our present, she witnesses a distraught Aidan snapping Josh’s neck, saying “you brought this on yourself.” She then snaps back to the present. The boys have called the police to come take care of Robbie. Aidan doesn’t remember ever loving Sally, and the future that she saw feels very close indeed.

So… Bobby was in the shower, then? Everything that happened in the last two episodes never happened at all. It looks like their entire point was to make a Sally/Aidan relationship feel more natural. Don’t get me wrong. I really did enjoy watching these episodes, but with only a very few left in the entire series, they seemed to be taking up valuable season real estate. There’s too much to wrap up in the next few episodes to spend time on resets, IMHO. What’s going to happen with Josh’s wolf? Will he get Nora back? Who or what is Lil’ Smokie? What about Aidan and Suzanna? So many questions, so little time left!

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the new Sally/Aidan ship. I don’t hate it, but I’m not quite on board yet. It is kind of adorable, though. I’m guessing they’ll be a for realsies couple by the end of the series, so Being Human has a good handful of episodes left to convince me.


Best Quotes:


Josh: “Does it involve Satan? ‘Cause I’m definitely not down with that.”

Donna: “Oh, no. Are we really going to have some epic Casablanca goodbye?”


Things to Ponder:

  • So obviously what Sally saw in the future has some kind of context that involves Josh not actually being dead. What really just happened?
  • I need to open a pie shop specifically so that I can call it “Life of Pie”.