‘Lost Girl’ 4.09 Episode Recap and Review: Destiny’s Child

After checking out the mysteriously smoky contents of the box from last episode of Lost Girl, Bo calls a bit of a pow-wow at the Dál. With Dyson and Lauren’s support (and without that of Trick and Kenzi), Bo opens the jar. Out pops an attractive British raven fae who calls himself Huginn. He’s a servant of the Wanderer, trapped in the bottle by his jealous brother Muninn. Huginn agrees to take Bo back to the train, but she has to come alone. No wolfy or science-y backup this time. Bo agrees, and Huginn whisks them both to a fae cemetery.

They aren’t alone, though. Muninn is waiting for their arrival and summons the rest of the flock to deal with them. Well, deal with Bo, anyway. Huginn was fibbing about the whole “jealous brother” thing. The Wanderer was the one who trapped him in the first place, and now he wants to take out Bo as a kind of revenge. Bo escapes by deliberately falling through a portal into Hell.

Once there, she’s greeted by the Leviathan. She can’t touch Bo because of the handprint on Bo’s chest. Levi wants that mark pretty badly, so she agrees to a riddle contest. If she wins, she gets the mark (and presumably Bo’s soul). If Bo wins, she gets to use her “Get Out Of Hell Free” card. Our intrepid heroine manages to snag the victory by asking Levi to choose between Dyson and Lauren. Levi chooses Dyson, but Bo tells her that there never was an answer. Levi sends Bo back, but not before telling her that one of her loved ones would be taking her place in the afterlife soon.

Back in the cemetery, Bo manages to take out most of the flock, leaving only Huginn and Muninn to deal with. The odds quickly turn in her favor when Dyson and Lauren show up, armed to the teeth with whatever weapons they so choose.  Left with no other choice, the two ravens agree to take Bo back to the train.

Meanwhile, Trick is attempting to figure out what it is that he doesn’t remember. He’s pretty sure that he buried his own memories, so he goes to a Luduan, a truth-detecting fae, in order to force himself to say whatever it is that he’s been hiding. She manages to get him to remember that he used his powers to write Rainer out of history for rebelling against him back in his Blood King days, thus creating the Wanderer.

Tam’s learning a little about that, as well. She and Kenzi have been snooping about Trick’s office for answers when they find both his Blood Book and several hidden vials of his blood. Experimentation with the Book causes Tam to remember what happened way back when. She was the Valkyrie who was to take Rainer’s soul to Valhalla, but Trick stopped her. She traded Rainer’s soul for another set of lives. When Tam comes out of the memory-trance, she frantically tells Kenzi that Trick can’t be trusted.

The gang all gets back together at the Dál to come up with a plan to get Bo back, but it turns out not to be necessary. She arrives safe and sound, but with someone in tow. She’s brought Rainer back with her and announces that now she knows the truth. She joined the Dark fae willingly, and Rainer isn’t her father. He’s her “destiny.”

What the what?? I can only assume that this whole Rainer thing is going to be short-lived. We’ve heard from Lost Girl’s Powers That Be on several occasions that the Lauren/Bo/Dyson triangle is at the heart of the show. Bringing in a fourth just isn’t kosher. I don’t know. Maybe we’ve misinterpreted “destiny.” Maybe Bo meant “He is my destiny,” as in “I am fated to kill him in an epic battle between the forces of good and evil. Dumbledore might be involved.”

Yes, I’ve read about the next episode. Leave me my dream.

Anyhoo, other than the last minute or so, I thought this was a pretty fantastic episode. I loved seeing more of what Trick was like as the Blood King. We always knew there had to be a good reason he left it all behind. Having a clearer picture of what he used to be like gives us some excellent insight to that story. I’m also pretty intrigued about the Leviathan and who’ll be kicking it soon (and whether they’ll actually die or just kind of Buffy die.)


Best Quote:

Hugin: “Some call it hell. Some call it the netherworld. I call it France.”

rennlark: “We call it The Stig…”


Things to Ponder:

  • In Norse mythology, Huginn and Muninn were the ravens that sat on Odin’s shoulders, bringing him information. Also, in Chinese mythology, a luduan was a beast who could detect the truth.
  • Does Tam’s distrust of Trick stem solely from what happened way back when, or does she know something more?
  • Is there a portmanteau shipper name for Lauren/Bo/Dyson all together? That seems to be a new turn this could take, since I’m already fiercely anti-Rainer (which I’m officially calling Team No-BRainer).


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