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Cyrus Not American Idol Fan

Cyrus Not American Idol Fan


Teen superstar MILEY CYRUS has taped a performance for TV hit AMERICAN IDOL – despite never having watched the reality show.

The Hannah Montana actress made the confession on Sunday (06Apr08) at the filming of the second annual Idol Gives Back charity broadcast – to be aired in the U.S. on Wednesday (09Apr08) – where she performed two of her songs.

She says, “I’ve never seen a single episode… Ever. I think it’s something you have to really get into from the beginning and I just don’t have time!”

But the 15-year-old did tune in to catch another reality TV competition her father, country superstar Billy Ray Cyrus, competed in last year (07): “I did vote for Dancing With The Stars!”



  1. Kristen wrote: Its relieving not everyonw watches it. I woulodn’t think she would, considering it’s on all the time, and she doesnt have time like she said.


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