Leighton Meester Won’t Divulge Adam Brody Marriage Details

Leighton Meester is stay hush-hush about the details of her marriage to Adam Brody. She recently skirted around a question about their relationship during an interview on The View.

The Gossip Girl star was a guest on daytime show yesterday, alongside her Of Mice and Men Broadway co-stars James Franco and Chris O’Dowd, when the line of questioning turned to her personal relationship.

She appeared visibly uncomfortable as guest co-host Jawn Murray congratulated her on her recent marriage and asked what it was like to work so closely with her real-life partner Brody on new romantic comedy Life Partners.

Offering up a vague reply, she said, “I always wanna work with people that I like and love and people that I’m friends with, so it’s nice to mix business with pleasure, I guess.”

However, Franco was a little more forthcoming and publicly praised Brody, adding, “He’s like, the sweetest guy. He’s the best guy”, as Meester smiled and thanked him for the compliment.

Meester and Brody began dating in 2012 and tied the knot in a secret ceremony earlier this year (Feb14).

Neither star has commented on the wedding itself, but both Brody and Meester have been wearing gold bands on their ring fingers since February.

Photo Credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

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