Company of Heroes 2 is Free This Weekend on Steam, Game and DLC Available at 66% Off

Company of Heroes 2 is the latest title enjoying a free weekend on Steam, giving players the opportunity to experience the award-winning strategy game at no cost. Strategy fans and curious gamers can now download the basic game and play it for free until Sunday at 1pm PDT. As always, Steam’s free weekends are a great opportunity to try out games during the weekend and then purchase them at a discounted sale price. Company of Heroes 2 is currently 66% off ($13.59) its regular price, which is perfect for those who want more after the free weekend ends. DLC is also available to purchase at 66% off.

Sega selected this weekend for the sale in honor of Elbe Day, today. Elbe Day, in 1945, marked the first contact between America and Soviet troops near the German river Elbe during the late stages of World World II.

Greg Wilson, Executive Producer of Company of Heroes 2, mentioned that the timing of this free weekend is perfect for where the franchise is headed. “As it turns out we were able to plan the free weekend around our Elbe Day update which celebrates the meeting of the Soviets and US Forces, and gave us an opportunity to give away some FREE Commander DLC to the community. Each of the Commanders introduces a preview unit from the upcoming release of Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies.

“We’ve been updating the game on a regular basis, improving the overall quality of the experience, fine tuning networking performance and introduce a bunch of new content, including over 1000 player created maps in the steam workshop,” said Wilson. “We’ve also kicked off the free weekend with a 66% off sale, which not only includes the main title, but our library of single and multiplayer DLC. There’s never been a better time to join the franchise!”


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