Andy Buckley Talks ‘The Lying Game,’ Secrets, And More!

In tomorrow night’s mid-season finale of The Lying Game, it’s Emma and Sutton’s seventeenth birthday and instead of celebrating their first birthday together, Emma is planning her escape from Phoenix. Throughout the whole season, Emma has been pretending to be her twin, Sutton. Though, when Emma, according to Sutton, steals her family, friends, and her boyfriend, Sutton returns to get her life back… And to ruin Emma in the process.

Recently, got the chance to chat with The Lying Game star, Andy Buckley. Buckley plays Dr. Ted Mercer, the father of Sutton and Laurel who isn’t as honest as his family believes. We talked about everything from the mid-season finale, to the challenges of keeping such a huge secret from his on-screen family.

Lying can define who you are, and throughout this whole season a lot of people are questioning whether Ted Mercer is a good guy or not.

“He’s not a bad guy,” Buckley said. “He made a few mistakes early in his life, and he’s just trying to make the best of them. Make the right decisions. Doing what he thinks is best for his family.”

A huge storyline this season has been focused on Emma and Sutton’s real birth mother, Annie Hobbs. This is a prime example of Ted’s lying to protect his family. She is probably Ted’s biggest secret, and it has been revealed that it was Alec and Ted’s fault that she got institutionalized. Seeing as Annie escaped from the mental hospital she was in, many people have been wondering when we’ll finally get to see her come face-to-face with Ted and Alec.

“It’s up to the writers,” he stated. “Something happens in this episode, but in terms of face-to-face, I don’t know.”

And what about Kristin (Slater)? She is completely unaware about the Annie situation, and she has no clue that Annie Hobbs is Sutton’s birth mother.

“Something tells me she’s gonna be a little upset [when she finds out],” he says. “Ted will have to tread lightly when certain secrets start coming out. Ted may be in trouble.”

Speaking of trouble, Ted and Alec (Pasdar) are going through an awful lot to insure that no one finds out about Annie’s existence. It’s actually quite baffling. A huge question that everyone has been asking is why?

“You will certainly get to know that, but when that happens I’m not certain.” Buckley tells us, “Of course, I can’t tell you why.”

Such a tease. In fact, when asked about his favorite episode, he immediately chose the one airing tomorrow.

“There’s a big party,” he said. “It should be pretty good. There’s a few twists and turns in there that I think people will like. I know that it’s my favorite script.”

Andy Buckley may not have given away much, but he definitely got me excited about tomorrow’s episode!

Don’t forget to tune into The Lying Game‘s mid-season finale, airing tomorrow night at 8/7c!


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