Teen Wolf Season 1 DVD: The Perfect Companion For A Supernatural Summer

MTV’s Teen Wolf: Season One hit shelves last Tuesday – just in time for fans to refresh before the Season 2 premiere on June 3rd! The series, which was nominated for six Teen Choice Awards last year, offers fans lots of awesome extras on the DVD release. From an extended season finale (which is a must-watch!) to behind-the-scenes extras, there is no shortage of material for fans to dig their teeth into.

If you’re not familiar with Teen Wolf, then you need to bone up on your 80’s movies! The series, which films right down the street from CW’s The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta, is based off the much loved 1985 movie of the same title which starred Michael J. Fox. The series has of course been modernized, but still tells a sexy and thrilling story about the transformation of one teenager, Scott McCall. After just barely escaping an attack in the woods, but of course being bitten, Scott awakens the next morning to realize that his life will never be the same. Scott now has to struggle to conceal this secret in addition to dealing with high school… and his love life.


  • Extended Version of Season Finale episode “Code Breakers”
  • Deleted, Alternate and Extended Scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • Special Featurette: Season 1 Shirtless Montage (our personal favorite extra!)
  • Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes
  • Following The Pack
  • Love Bites
  • Teen Wolf cast on the Red Carpet

If the DVD release isn’t enough to satisfy your Teen Wolf cravings, grab a wallpaper below! We’ve got them on our computers at FanBolt right now as well! And if you still need more check out the first 10 minutes of the season premiere!

Teen Wolf: Season 1 is available on DVD now, so be sure to pick up your copy of Teen Wolf: Season 1! And If you haven’t checked out the series yet, now is the perfect time to find out how one strange night changed everything for one teenager…


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  1. Season 1 of Teen wolf was great. The extras on the dvd look super sweet for us Teen Wolf fans. :)I remember watching all the Teen Wolf movies lol. There are some differences none the less but both the show and the 80’s Teen Wolf movies were great.