Minx Air 100: Taking a Listen to Big and Clear Room Filling Sounds

Minx Air 100 from Cambridge Audio

I recently reviewed the Minx Go, a device that featured fantastic sound quality and battery-life that’s intended for on-the-go listening. Because of that I decided to get my hands on the Minx Air 100 to see what kind of sound quality it offered. I could tell right away that it is built for in-home use as it features a large speaker that produces powerful sounds that completely fill a room to much satisfaction. I became sold on it’s sound quality almost instantly!

In my time of using the Minx Air 100, I’ve enjoyed big band music from a record player that connects through an auxiliary port and trance tunes from my iPad that connects wirelessly. It works quite easily for the most part as I’m able to leave my record player hooked up and then switch over to Spotify on my iPad at any time I want through the wireless connection. However, I have run into some small issues with syncing the Minx and my iPad together as it took a little extra effort (turning both devices off and on again) to get it working again, but besides that there hasn’t been much to complain about.

The Minx Air 100 comes with a remote control that allows users to adjust the device from anywhere, although there is an adjustable bass output on the back that can only be adjusted by hand. I never found myself having to change up the bass too much, though sometimes I wanted some stronger beats when playing some of my oldies music. Still, it’s not an issue; it’s an adjustable option that can give people good or strong bass without distorting any quality in the music.

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The Minx Air 100 does seem a bit expensive at its $399 price tag, especially when I am already so in love with the Minx Go which can also shoot out some ample sounds for a device that’s smaller, built for portability, and is far lower in price ($179). If you are more interested in playing music wirelessly through your mobile device and don’t have a very large room to fill, then the Minx Go is a fantastic option that can easily travel anywhere with you. Read the review. For larger rooms that need lots of power and a strong bass boost, then the Minx Air 100 is a wonderful choice for filling your room full of your favorite tunes.

I definitely enjoyed my time with the Minx Air 100 and found it to be a speaker that is great to have set up in a living room, garage, or patio. It’ll fill up any room, from corner to corner, with a strong and smooth sound. You can learn even more about the Minx Air 100 and its features by going to the official website at Cambridge Audio.


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