NBC Developing ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ Series

NBC is developing a series based on the Al Pacino/Keanu Reeves 1997 supernatural drama The Devil’s Advocate.

The network has given the show a put pilot commitment, which means good things for the show’s chances. A “put pilot” is a deal that includes significant penalties if the pilot doesn’t air, which makes it very likely to be picked up to avoid those penalties.

The original film was based on Andrew Neiderman’s novel of the same name stars Reeves as Kevin Lomax, a hotshot defense attorney who is recruited from his home in Gainesville, Florida to work for the powerful New York law firm of Milton, Chadwick & Waters. Lomax becomes the personal protege of John Milton (Al Pacino), who turns out to be the Devil.

The movie was a big success, scoring $153 million on a $57 million budget.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures


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