‘Grimm’ And ‘Mockingbird Lane’ Premiere Tonight On NBC!

It’s a night of supernatural goodness tonight on NBC! With the premiere of Mockingbird Lane followed by the return of Grimm, Halloween is coming a little early this year!

We have some great clips for you guys to get you pumped for the shows tonight! First check out how Halloween is even better than Christmas for Wesen on Grimm!

After Grimm, Mockingbird Lane premieres! We have a sneak peek clip for you below along with a behind-the-scenes clip of the cast and creators pulling back the veil to showcase the making of the series!

Will you be watching Mockingbird Lane and Grimm tonight on NBC? We will be! We’re super excited for Mockingbird Lane as we love Eddie Izzard and of course anything that Bryan Fuller touches (We loved Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls)!


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  1. I loved watching Grimm, and the pilot of Mockingbird Lane, which I hope NBC orders more episodes. NBC’s been a good spot to find awesome primetime shows every night. I’m a primetime junkie and that’s all I mainly watch. With so many awesome shows, sometimes it’s impossible to record them all. I hate having to work in the evening, which means I have to get them all recorded. It’s been a pain dealing with timer conflicts and giving priority to one show over another. I know my family’s never happy with me having all the DVRs tied up recording shows. My headache’s a thing of the past, after my coworker at DISH told me about the Hopper DVR. I can get my four major networks recorded every night using the PrimeTime Anytime feature. No more worries about timers and it’s all done on one turner so everyone can continue to watch TV. It’s been one of the best features I’ve used and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love it.