Brand New Omega Mode Announced for Ultra Street Fighter IV

In Capcom’s continuing support for Ultra Street Fighter IV, a new mode was announced. While the game already allows players to select from one of the various versions of characters in the roster, the version select feature only covers character changes from the earlier entries in the Street Fighter IV series. However, some new free content on the way plans to change that by offering a new altered version for the entire roster. Omega Mode functions differently than the previous character versions by giving the characters new normal and special attacks, and is built more for fun than balance according to a Capcom-Unity post by Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas. This news comes alongside the announcement of an October release for the game’s version 1.04 balance patch. While Omega Mode can be played online, it can only be used in unranked matches. Also, the default balancing for Ultra Street Fighter IV will still remain the tournament standard going forward, as Omega is just meant to be a fun side mode. For a taste of what’s to come in Omega Mode, a brief video demonstration was recorded by Rosas and can be seen below.