HyperX Skyn: Speed All the Way

I recently got a hold of the new HyperX Skyn mouse pads from Kingston. There are two paper-thin mouse pads, one designed for control and the other for speed.

The difference between the two mouse pads is easily evident as the mouse pad designed for speed is completely smooth and makes it incredibly easy for my mouse to flow across it. The other mouse pad that’s designed for control has a rougher texture to it that makes it easier for having a precise control. This is especially true in shooters, where it’s important to be right on target. Both of these gaming mouse pads are a great option for players looking for a larger surface that meets their needs for speed and control.


Personally I’ve enjoyed the Speed Skyn a lot more. I like the quickness, especially in my shooters where one would think the control pad would be better. However, not only do I like the speed of the pad better, but also the smooth surface which feels much better on the palm of my hand rather than the rough feeling that I get from the control mouse pad. I’m speed all the way!

As mentioned, both of the HyperX Skyn gaming mouse pads are paper thin which is actually quite nice. The bottom of the pads feature a “sticky” surface that allows it to easily grip any gamer’s desk. Simply wash the area and stick it on. The great thing about this is that they are easy to remove and adjust. Also, they don’t leave behind any sticky residue so there should be no concern about that.

For anyone who’s looking for increased speed or control, the HyperX Skyn gaming mouse pads are an ideal option. Gamers can buy them individually or together in a set for $19.99.


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