Norman Reedus Now a Vegetarian Thanks to ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has been turned off eating meat for good after working on the cannibalistic zombie series.

The actor, who plays crossbow-toting Daryl Dixon on the hit AMC show, admits the special effects team has made scenes involving the consumption of human flesh in the current fifth season a little too realistic for comfort, so he has decided to adopt a meat-free diet.


The latest episode of the series revealed some citizens of Terminus made it out of the premiere episode’s battle alive. The survivors captured Bob and were revealed to have been eating his leg IN FRONT OF HIM at the end of the most recent episode.

However, Reedus confesses he’s not exactly happy about his lifestyle change.

He says, “I’ve become a vegetarian and I’m kind of bummed about it.”

We don’t blame him. Some of those scenes from last Sunday’s episode had us considering giving up meat entirely too.

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