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Home Entertainment ‘Constantine’ Star Matt Ryan Teases New DC Character Possibilities and More!
‘Constantine’ Star Matt Ryan Teases New DC Character Possibilities and More!

‘Constantine’ Star Matt Ryan Teases New DC Character Possibilities and More!


A new episode of Constantine premieres tonight, and the show’s star Matt Ryan recently revealed what’s coming up for his character, the possibility of more DC characters showing up on the series and more!

Superhero TV shows and movies have always been “in” to a certain degree, but are their popularity is definitely experiencing a boom in pop culture at the moment. They’re saturating various mediums and even crossing over from show to show and television to film. When Matt was asked about whether or not he was looking forward to the possibility of there being more DC Comics characters outside of the Constantine world possibly coming in, the actor replied, “Yeah. It’s something that I’m really excited about. It’s just such an amazing world, the occult universe and that – the occult DC Universe. And – and I know that especially if we get the back line, that David was saying that we’re going to be introducing kind of a lot more from that – from that universe as well.”

He also revealed that the series will introduce “Papa Midnite from the characters, Jim Corrigan, (Annmarie), Gary Lester.”

He continued, “I think if we go to the back line we might be introducing (Judas) and kind of there’s – there’s – there are all of these great characters which have different relationships with John. And then in effect, bring out the different sides of John.”

We know you’re probably wondering what’s next for the anti-hero’s posse, and Matt was kind enough to tease what’s next for Manny and Chas and their respective relationships with Constantine. “Well with Chas, Chas is John’s – John’s oldest friend and closest friend and the only one who’s been around for – and who hadn’t died although Chas does die but, you know, has an extraordinary gift so he keeps on coming back.

But what’s great about – about Chas is that he – he kind of provides a logic to John, you know, whereas John is kind of someone – he’s an addict. He’s a demon addict if you – if you like. And he kind of provides a grounding to John. And also he’s – he’s helpful in a – in a fist fight as well.

You know, he’s kind of the brawns to John’s brain. And John – John’s scrappy, you know? He’s not afraid to get – get into a – into a fight. But at the same time he’s, you know, he – Chas could probably help him out in a lot of situations there.”

When it comes to guardian angel Manny, with whom John has a liiitttle bit of difficult relationship, Matt said that “What’s really interesting is they’re – they’re – they’re almost like two gunslingers kind of standing opposite each other that, you know, that need each other but they could shoot each other at any time. Or it’s as if they kind of – with this relationship there’s – there’s a kind of conflict there.

They – they both kind of don’t really – don’t’ really kind of want to be in each other’s company particularly. But they know that they – they have to and that they’re both useful to one another. So I think there’s a really interesting – interesting kind of conflict there.

And we – what we see with Manny developing is that – that John and Manny – how – how Manny helps John and kind of how that relationship sort of develops is there’s a – there’s a very interesting dynamic actually – I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say about it – between them.

After about episode 4 where John and Manny kind of – their – their relationship takes a shift and moves in a slightly different direction. But – but it’s a kind of uneasy kind of relationship which makes for kind of a lot of tension and a lot of conflict.”

Although the role of John Constantine can be taxing at times, Matt loves the part and the character. When asked what about Constantine struck a chord with him he said he believes that “the history is obviously very important” and continues that “all the back story that you get throughout the comics, all the flashback stuff, the stuff of his – his family, his – his sisters, his niece and all the aspects is fascinating.”

Constantine airs tonight at 10/9 on NBC!

Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/NBC

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