‘Luther’ Star Idris Elba Set to Executive Produce American Adaptation of Series

Idris Elba is set to executive produce a U.S. adaptation of his hit British drama Luther.

The U.S. version will be written and produced by original show creator Neil Cross and will air on Fox.

The actor starred in the series about a genius murder detective from 2010 to 2013, and has recently spoken about reviving the project as a “one-off”.

He tells the Radio Times, “I am desperately trying to make that happen. I think we’re gonna probably do one more incarnation on TV. But not a season – a one-off.

“There’s a story idea but no script yet, but we’re gunning to do it at the end of this year. There’s a lot of pressure from everyone to make it, so we’re gonna do it.”

It is unlikely that Elba, who won a Golden Globe for the role in 2012, will be featured in the new U.S. adaptation.

Photo Credit:Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com


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