Former ‘Friends’ Co-Stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow Participate in Celebrity Curse Off

Former Friends co-stars Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston turned the airwaves blue on Monday night when they re-teamed for a hilarious foul-mouthed skit on pal Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

The two actresses went head to head in a Celebrity Curse-Off, unleashing some awful language on each other.

Aniston even dug up a Greek swear and Kudrow offered a little French.

The Horrible Bosses 2 star was declared the winner when Kudrow ran out of ideas and could only muster, “Snap pants!”

Aniston previously put her nice girl image to the test when she agreed to be mean and awful to a BBC reporter as part of a prank.

The actress sat down for an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Chris Stark, who was not aware Aniston had been primed.

As he quizzed her about her favorite chat up line, she turned nasty, stating, “First of all, I don’t think that’s an extremely appropriate question. I’m also committed to somebody, I don’t hit on people.”

As the interviewer tried to backtrack, explaining he had been told to ask the question to tie in with a new Radio 1 documentary, Aniston continued to turn on him as he asked her one banal question after another.

But she couldn’t keep up the nasty act for long, telling the 27-year-old interviewer she had been told to make him feel uncomfortable.

Tweeting after the encounter with the star, Stark wrote, “It was all a bit of a nightmare… I have never felt how I felt in this five minutes with Jennifer Aniston. I’m shaking right now.”

Photo Credit:Jimmy Kimmel Live/Youtube


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