Mila Kunis Doesn’t Share Ashton Kutcher’s Curiosity About Space

Mila Kunis doesn’t share her fiance Ashton Kutcher’s space curiosity, insisting she’s more than happy to stay on Earth when he takes to the skies on board one of Virgin boss Richard Branson’s first commercial flights beyond the heavens.

The Jupiter Ascending star portrays a space queen in her new movie but she admits she has no wish to join Kutcher when he blasts off.

The actor became the 500th person to sign up for a Virgin Galactic voyage when he paid for the adventure in 2012.

Kunis says, “I’m good… I’ll just stay here.

“I’m not comfortable with it… I’ll show you a 3D photo, I’ll take you to the Griffith Observatory (in Los Angeles) and we can look at space; you don’t need to actually be in it.”

And joking about Virgin Galactic’s test crashes in October and December, Kunis adds, “Let’s just see what keeps happening; hopefully one will land, because so far that hasn’t happened.”

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